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    Below is a list of key concepts, ideas, authors and books referred to directly or implied, a tiny part of the invisible intellectual foundation of this work. See below and copy the selection of interest and paste into the Amazon link above. These resources will give you a greater depth of understanding, and purchasing works of interest through Amazon helps supports this work. 

    Thank you. 

Authors and Books                                       Concepts and Ideas    
Aquinas, Thomas: Beautific Vision
Gestalt Polarity
Gendlin, Eugene; Focusing
Neumann, Erick
​Patriachical Consciousness
Freud, Sigmund
Campbell, Joseph; The Power of Myth
NeoConservative World View
Cosmic Christ
Rank, Otto
Free Will
Heidegger, Martin; Time and Being
Ontic Evil
Constitution of the United States of America
Descartes, Rene: Ergo Cogito Sum
Hedges, C.; Death of the Liberal Class
Third Wave Feminism
al Qaeda Fatwas, 1996
Ozymandias, Percy B. Shelly
Marx, Karl
Kurweil, Kurt; The Singularity Is Near
Hegel, Fredrick
Haig, Alexander
Sexual Politics
The Constitution of the Rotinoshon:ni (Iroquois Confederacy
Kaienere’ko:wa, (The Great Law of Peace)
Eisenhower: Military Industrial Complex
Einstein, Theory of Relativity
Aristophanes; Lysistrata
Tennyson, Locksley Hall
Picasso, P.; Blue Guitarist
Assumption of Mary, Queen of Heaven
Falk, Nation November 14, 2011
Bly, Robert
Salk, Jonas; Anatomy of Realtiy
Mill, John Stewart
Center of Gravity In War
God of War
Kant, Immanuel; Perpetual Peace
Just War
McLuhan, Marshall
Goddess of Justice
Aslan, R.; How to Win a Cosmic War
Saint Augustine 
Global Human Development
Scheuer, M.; Marching Toward Hell
Age of Terrorism
New Testament, Mathew 5:17
New American 21st Century
Strachan, H.; Clausewitz's On War
Universal Love
Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Rule of Law
Husserl, Edmund; Eidetic Reduction
Jaynes, J.; The Origins of Consciousness
Buber, Martin; I and Thou
Deikman, Author; Observing Self
Jung, Karl; Archetypes
Maslow, Abraham
Peck, Scott; Road Less Traveled 
Gandhi,M.; Salt March, 1930
God of Love
Rule of War
Self Immolation
Teilhard de Chardin
Schlafly, Phyllis
Genesis 1, 26.28
Chomsky, Noam: Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe
Audlin, James; Circle of Life
Pacem in Terris
Caritas in Veritate
Vagina Monologues
World of Peoples 
One Taste
End War Forever
The Age of Peace

Joy of the Gospel
Tirman, John; The Death of Others