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​Beware The Trojan Horse
Reflections, September 13, 2001jsc

   In our nation’s resolve to deal with the horrific event of two days ago, we must proceed with extreme caution. 

   Let us be clear: These actions must not stand; the organizations responsible for these crimes against humanity must be eradicated. Terrorism as a method of war must be outlawed. This is a moral imperative of the highest order. To those who advocate the use of the terror of war to fight the terror of war unbounded by law, terrorism de facto, are throwing gasoline on dry tender underbrush. Beware. 

   Let us reflect: Our children are asking, and they will live with our answer: “Why would someone want to do this to us?”

   Let us answer: “Because we stand for values abhorrent to them; because we consume and pollute so much; because we, too, have used terrorism as a means of war; because there is religious animosity; because there is grievous injustice and gross poverty at the core and soul of humanity, and because those who did these deeds want war with America. Those who want war know this kind of bombing rouses people to bloodletting. Bloodshed begets bloodshed; the more Innocent the better, that is fuel for the rage they believe will destroy what they see as evil.”

   And, remember the first rule of war: Know your enemy. What they see as evil is western domination of Muslims in Muslim lands, for centuries. We must plan accordingly if we want to end this war peacefully. 

   But with the media beating the drums of war and with war fever mounting, President Bush must act. As our leader, he must steer us through a complex game of chess. If he makes haste, America is in danger of playing into the enemy’s war plan.

   America’s enemy is beckoning her to war: Beware The Trojan Horse.

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