Law or War
In Which Do We Trust?”
Reflections, May 17, 2009jsc
   President George W. Bush in the post-9/11 environment had an opportunity for greatness in law and peace and did not grab that ring. Instead he grabbed the ring of war and terror, this was "America's Century" the defining view of his presidency. Whatever the immediate outcomes of the Faustian deals his advisers made, it is plain to see the winds of war continue to "quicken" with war unending far beyond the horizon. It did not, and still does not have to be that way, as history is not predetermined.  The son could have outdone the father not in war, but in law. Like any great Shakespearean character George W. Bush had one great flaw: he lacked true faith in the  Constitution he had sworn to uphold. If he had chosen the path of  justice as referenced in "patient justice" in a speech before Congress,  and asked us in the fateful fall of 2001 to work with humanity to transform the United Nations to meet the lawful needs of a globalizing humanity, can there be any doubt that he would have had a Nobel Prize for Peace in 2008?

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   That choice is still before us if we could have faith in our "great experiment" in human governance that is the United States of America. Can there be any doubt that we had better get it right: Law or War? Unto which do we project our trust? After two world wars in the last century the first feeble steps toward global governance were taken with the establishment of the League of Nations and the United Nations, and unless the Rule of Law applied globally intervenes, we can assume that history will repeat itself. Will President Obama, duly elected by a clear majority, keep faith with his chosen profession? Imagine him calling upon us to work together with the billions of innocent people in the world and build the next level of human governance, the World of Nations, by 2020. This will earn him his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize given by humanity in the hope of peace. Do we spend trillions and untold blood to make the weapons of force and the path of war, or do we spend trillions and much less blood to build the bridges to peace through Justice? If Barack Hussein Obama helps us to accomplish this task, he will supersede Alexander the Great or Kublai Khan as a world leader, but through law, not war. And we could claim title to being the next great generationGreat sacrifice in blood and money will be required. It is a matter of imagination. Can there be any greater gift for our children? Law or war, in which do we trust? 

Comment added 02.2011:
    Will President Obama really earn his Nobel Peace prize? There is only one way to  do it;  we the people lead the way in support of the rule of law internationally applied. We can be a just "we the people". We can rise to our "better angels" and submit to the rule of global law on matters of international justice. Only when law rules can humanity put the god of war to rest. President Obama has it in his power to lead the way, and we must have the courage to follow. Or maybe first we the people must create the wave, the global peace movement.
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