Our enemy’s success depends in part on our choosing a strategy that further alienates the Muslim East and the Christian West. I worried that our government would not see the dangers in precipitous action. For sure, ending the scourge of terrorism that has so much of the world in its grip is our only true source of lasting peace, but patience must be our virtue.

  Out of a desperate attempt to do something, I sent Mr. Bush a prayer asking God’s help and urging him to choose greatness in the face of such an outrage. My prayer was answered, as I beheld the promise of “Patient Justice” in the “brilliantly written and magnificently delivered” (Alexander Haig) speech to the world on September 20, 2001. I saw a man transformed, giving purpose to our painful birth into historical maturity. Justice for All would be our victory motto. I was proud to call him “Mr. President.” He spoke of a new kind of old war: global guerrilla war.

  I believe we must learn the lessons of Vietnam or risk defeat.

  Though it is difficult to say, let alone think and reflect upon, we must remember that none of us is innocent in creating the circumstances that led to that terrifying day which most agree has already marked a changed the course of history. 

  God help us all.

  Let us all pray that President Bush can find strength and be given grace to rally all nations against this evil.
  Let us pray for endurance during what may become the most difficult time in human history.
  Let us pray for the patience to stop this evil.
  Let us be brave for, once the killing starts, we do not know what the cost will be.
  Let us pray and reflect on why someone would want to do this to us.
  Let us pray for the courage to live and die for what is moral and noble in this time of inequity and iniquity.
  Let us pray that Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the children of the One God of Love, join hands and hearts against this method of war.
  Let us pray for the grace to embrace and love those who would destroy us.
  Let us pray for George W. Bush, that he may be guided to right action.

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Great Presidents are Born of Such Opportunity
Reflections of a Liberal on George W. Bush
Reflections September 22, 2001jsc

  I am progressive in philosophy (John Stewart Mill) of government and, like many in my rank, was uneasy about George W. Bush’s legitimacy as president, and suspicious of his capacity to lead our great nation.

  The horrific events of September 11, 2001 evoked so many fears. In the black days that followed, President Bush appeared to be in danger of playing into a trap so clearly set to pull us into war. His choice of words in the days before his address to Congress suggested that he was leaning toward retaliation and revenge, a human reaction for sure, but not the stuff of a great president. We must take care not to act to the enemy’s advantage and spark the dry straw of old religious wars, of the oppressed and the oppressor, of the haves and have-nots, and of a general sense of mistrust and in some circumstances considerable rage between Muslims and Christians. Jews are in the middle.
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