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Love Is Absolute and Universal
Reflections, February 20, 2010jsc

   There is nothing more perfect, nothing more absolute, nothing more beautiful, nothing more demanding, and nothing more mysterious than Love. That there are close seconds is beyond dispute. 

   It does not matter the particular spiritual tradition through which Love is revealed; the practice is always the same. 

   Since personal locus, meaning that each of us occupies a particular location on the space time continuum, one must reside in some tradition of Love, whether by conscious choice or not. 

  I know my understanding of Love has been greatly deepened by my personal sojourns into several Love traditions, so that I now think of myself as a Zen-Catholic. Whatever the limitations of the human teachings, and there are many in both of these traditions, their archetypal and metaphysical underpinnings are as good as any. Zen has cleared my mind to see the essence of the Roman Catholic tradition. 

   I have come to accept the human limitations as seen in the practice of all traditions of Love. We have only to witness how the followers who believe in the God of Love as manifest in the tradition of Abraham behave. Often, unfortunately, they are at war with one another, and before us is the specter of a war that may destroy humanity as we know it. To contemplate this possibility is to see the folly of human behavior in all its ironic glory. 

   Love is kind, Love is generous, Love is respectful, Love diminishes Ego, Love enhances Self and Love above all else is just, merciful, charitable and forgiving.

   What is most wonderful of all, Love is Absolute and Universal, an existential reality, as sure as any. 

​Love is the most universal formidable and mysterious of cosmic energies.
                                                                                                                                 Teilhard de Chardin
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