A (Maslow) person's highest potential is more likely to be achieved when a hierarchy of needs is understood as the template for positive human development; that would be bringing out what is best and most divine in the human soul. That we are safe, have enough to eat and decent shelter and that life is "fair enough" on any given day - with this level of mutual support humans can pursue the "higher" realms of human experience. So too with collective humanity, for a humanity ruled by law and at peace with itself will be able to achieve and bring out what is best in humankind. It is possible to imagine a humanity living in an Age of Peace in global civil order in which the rule of law is supreme and the warrior sworn to the goddess of justice. Let us remember Einstein's injunction, "To imagine is everything" ...  

    In a World of Nations, global warriors   and global lawyers would work to enforce a global peace. In such a world local matters of justice that do not conflict with or rise to the level of genocide or contravene global law would be resolved locally according to local traditions. Local issues would be managed by states’ rights in the context of global law. Whether in local law the punishment for adultery is nothing or stoning, this is the starting point, for in a globalized humanity a standard of what constitutes just and unjust punishment would be resolved through dialogue about what is "the Good" in human behavior. With global communications we can already see how the power of witnessing is changing human behavior, for example, the repulsion to stoning as punishment. There are universal moral and civil standards of human behavior. This is one: that performing a clitorectomy for no medical reason rises to the level of a crime against humanity. Are not torture and capital punishment also on this list? And surely we must give local justice traditions time to integrate what is best in each tradition into the larger global legal development picture, for we are all grounded in the same collective existential reality of humanness. Is not peace one of humanity's constant and consistent prayers? Is that not what we all seek in the heaven of our dreams and what is of essence in our being? A globalized humanity can build a world in which we are freed from the terror of war unbounded by law. We can build a definition of being human that recognizes what is best in us should be our future, and what is worst, and there is none worse than war, should be set aside. Of course evil remains with us, so we will need the tools to find criminals and bring them to justice according to local and global applications. 

    The building of this vision starts somewhere, and it will start when globally-minded persons connect one by one and form into working groups, set up norms, and prepare to storm through the rough seas ahead. Those who employ warriors sworn to serve the god of war have vested interests, and they have history on their side. But with a global warrior class sworn to uphold global standards of justice, there will be many who will be proud to serve the goddess of justice. 

    As a group, we will begin to discuss the "how tos" and make a plan. As global citizens engaging in a global civil discourse we can build a World of Nations by 2020. Why 2020? This might give us time to avoid the strong trending which foresees catastrophic war in decades following 2050. 

    Our goal is none other than to end war forever and usher in the Age of Peace.

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without a fight"   Sun Tzu

    The justice infused with love. This is our way forward. 
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A Vision
 World of Nations 2020
World of Peoples 2050
August 23, 2009jsc

    Transforming the United Nations, built on the League of Nations, to a World of Nations, a change in consciousness and third step in human global development. The Kellogg Briand Pact, the law against war given by our grandparents justly and globally enforced. A World of Peoples living in the Age of Peace.   Such a transformation done according to Article 109 of the United Nations Charter will take time and money, but more so the global human will  and imagination to make it happen. When will planet earth humanity by the power of the vote walk through that door to peace?  

   In collective action to build a World of Nations based on the full implementation of the Kellogg-Briand Pack and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The lessons of our grandparents. 

    Let us see clearly: It is not certain that catastrophic war after 2050 can be prevented. It may already be too late. War is a familiar and convenient strategy, and the god of war has served humanity for ill and well for so long that it is assumed by most of humanity that war is inevitable. Making the rule of law the ultimate choice in resolving human conflict, for is that not the foundation of peace, will require humans to take the next step in human development and embrace global human consciousness. That consciousness grounded in the belief that humanity is best served by a global civil society ruled not by the god of war but by the goddess of justice. The power of belief changes everything. Global criminals must face global justice, and no nation, no state, no tribe, no family, and no person is safe from the reach of the rule of law. The laying down of arms on a global scale may yet be many generations off, but making the god of war subject to the rule of law is a major step to preventing World War III. Defense against those who break the law, the need to feel protected, made safe, the foundations of a lasting peace. Justice the answer to war. 

    Let us be realistic. Evil will always be with us, for such is a measure of free will. Human imperfections will abound, necessary suffering will always be with us, for how else to can we grow spiritually and psychologically, but together we can build a humanity that is more and more at peace with itself, for is not war unnecessary suffering? In a holographic universe what is big is small, and what is small is big. 
World of Peoples 
End War Forever
The Age of Peace

Justice the Answer to War
Question: Will Humanity take the third step toward global governance before or after 
World War III?
 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.
2023 90 seconds, closest ever.
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
The Age of Catastrophe or The Age of Peace
The Age of Peace 2050 Project
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It Is a Matter of Imagination, Collective Human Will and Money.