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Human Global Consciousness 
Reflections, October 17, 2009jsc

   This we assert: Humanity is a collective entity, a living and evolving organism, the sum being greater than the parts. What comprises human nature is a profound study, but for purposes of this treatise the qualities of gender, for according to belief, God made us male and female; and love, for Love is humanity's highest calling; and consciousness which opens realms of awareness and imagination, these make us human. 

   As the warp of human consciousness propagates itself though the weft of the World Wide Web for the first time in known human history a matrix is created interconnecting every human one to another in a virtual weaving of global interdependence (Salk, Jonas, Anatomy of Reality). We are witnessing the dawn of human global consciousness, and with that awareness comes the base for a global civilization at peace. Each person is not just part of a family, clan, tribe, state or nation, but a citizen of the globe Earth, Milky Way, the Universe, and beyond. By linking together, person with person, we become the human backbone of the next order of civilization, one which will be ruled by the goddess of justice and not the god of war. A new order of human consciousness ... global minded ness. 

   From the perspective of a World of Nations, when we should reach a critical mass of about a billion strong, we can birth the next level of human development: a global civil society ruled not by war but by law. This is an old dream ready to be born. While history can be defined as the history of war, future history is not preordained to remain centered on war even if it has often repeated itself in the past. 

   Love is universal. Global legal development grounded in the principles of love is the best hope for a humanity ruled more and more by law and less and less by war. From the perspective of global citizens we accept that we will need global warriors and lawyers to make Justice prevail. Blood and money will be shed and spent. Ironically, the Age of Peace can be soon be upon us if we would only relearn the lessons of the failed "cowboy" mentality still prevalent in the United States. The "bad cowboy" was hired by the wealthy and powerful who took advantage of the innocent. When the ethics of honor practiced by the "good cowboy" (like the good samurai of Japan and their equivalents in every land) are wedded to global human consciousness, a clear path forward becomes apparent to those who believe in law and the peace that comes from justice fairly applied. 

   A humanity at peace ruled by justice depends on humanity embracing global human consciousness ... we are all brothers and sisters as the holy, divine and wise have taught. 
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