September 21, 2016 - September 21, 2050
Age of Catastrophe - Age of Peace?
March 18, 2012jsc
    September 21 is International Peace Day. There is a real possibility that humanity may go from the Age of Terrorism to the Age of Catastrophe rather than the Age of Peace. So, to say there is a lot at stake is an understatement. 

   Premise:  When the next Arab Spring comes, and it will come, could be a change in global consciousness. If we will it. 

   To make that happen imagine this date:   September 21, 2016.  Picture this in your mind, the well-disciplined non-violence heart of humanity rising up, as in standing up, not with the sword of war, but rather, the sword of justice to strike at tyranny by whatever name. Billions in the streets marching in the name of Justice. If blood must be shed let it be shed as those who come in the name of Love. In the action of non-violence the blow received not delivered. We, Christians, Muslims and Jews in particular are on the verge of Great War. In the name of Love, Abraham our Father, we must do what our God of Love asks of us. What is needed has been modeled for us, if we are to become a global humanity living in peace with one another under the rule of law. And we must be wise, for as Fredrick Douglas declared, "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will".    

   What is Humanity's demand? Justice. (Occupy Wall Street)  We must be the thing we want to become. 

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   The battle cry, echoing around the world and witnessed on global TV, "Global Justice for Global Crimes, Local Justice for Local Crimes." 

   There are hopeful signs. In 2012  there are  nations of peoples supporting the development of international justice. Building the major philosophical and legal foundations, the next steps of which are to be launched in 2017 (To Support International Courts or not?)

   It is time for the we the people of the U.S.A. to get on board, or we betray the "great experiment" that our Founders intended

   One of the most important questions of Election 2012 USA needs to be:  Are we the people going to side with international justice and get on the right side of history? Let it be that the Titanic of Modernity called the United States of America corrects course in time,  putting our faith in Justice as our Constitution demands.  To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, justice not power was to be our mark on history. By this standard we are way off course.

   In the streets, a billion plus strong on September 21, 2016 sets in motion the global human will, a synergic  surging of human energy channeled to build the infrastructure of the next level of global justice. Its name shall be World of Nations,  to be formally inaugurated on September 21, 2020.

   September 21, 2016 is the target date for  billions of humans to occupy  the streets with   drummers on every street corner and cross roads, all tapping the same tune, and chanting, all  heard on global TV, " Global Justice for Global Crimes, Local Justice for Local Crimes, Local Justice for Local Crimes, Global Justice for Global Crimes".  These are coequal principles and the foundations for the movement of Justice by and for the people democratically derived according to the highest standards of love (Love is Universal), ensured, first according to local traditions, and when that does not work, a global justice police force backed up by special forces must step in. First Duty: Stop the Killing. 

   In time, as global law develops both in theory and practice there will need to be a planet Earth Supreme Court. We  must do all we can to prevent World War III and the Age of Catastrophe that will follow, and law is the answer

   As of the Spring of 2012  war and more war remains on the horizon, a red dawn sailors take warning morning sky. Even if the U.S. returns all troops from Muslim lands as our enemy demands that the U.S. continues to support the House of Saud. This will mean war with Muslims who want that terrorist regime to end.  Ending support for Saudi Arabia was one of Al Qaeda's six demands in their 1996 declaration of war. Of course an enlightened House of Saud would work with its people that the freedom and equality of woman is a natural human right. In this way men are free.  And, the hope of the Arab Spring in 2011 with each sides' continued protection of terrorist regimes, this comes up against the long hard story of how democratically grounded change takes place in human history.  Of course the East calls the West terrorist in nature. It's messy. Even so,  the direction of history to date trends to reveals an innate human desire, seemingly part of our God given spiritual DNA; a desire for peace.  At peace  in a community in which the "I of me" is able to have a voice, one vote, fairly counted, in the conduct of affairs at large. For is it not in Justice that "we the people" are free to live in tranquility as the first line of the Constitution for the United States of America states so eloquently?  But with the Doomsday clock for humanity recently set one minute closer to  "there rain'd a ghastly dew" ( Tennyson's "Locksley Hall), the terror of war seems our likely course through the next stage of global human development. What will emerge? A more war like humanity or a more law like humanity, is in the balance.  The Age of Peace, or the Age of Catastrophe?

   When the doomsday clock steps back we will know we are on the right path.

   Given the scope of this project and what is a stake, avoiding World War III may still go down in history as a "close call".   

   But there is still time to get a billion people disciplined  in non-violence occupying, and refusing to cede the streets till war is done. But take warning, if this movement is not started on September 21, 2015, the course to the Age of Catastrophe may be inevitable. 

   In summary, the time line to hopefully avoid World War III, and the Age of Catastrophe: Humanity on the march, International Peace Day September 21, 2014 demanding justice, and on September 21, 2016 demanding on September 21, 2020, a World of Nations, the Third Step needed to achieve the Age of Peace.   And, every September 21 thereafter till on September 21, 2050, the Age of Peace and the World of Peoples is declared.  If a critical mass of us wants this it can happen. 

   Image, believe, pray, act, and these time lines can happen. God willing.
World of Peoples 
End War Forever 
The Age of Peace

Justice the Answer to War
Question: Will Humanity take the third step toward global governance before or after 
World War III?
(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
The Age of Catastrophe or The Age of Peace
The Age of Peace 2050 Project
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