Occupy Wall Street Movement
The Deafening Silence
January 14, 2012jsc
   The Occupy Wall Street Movement is universally united in its call for the Rule of Law. The Movement is grounded in the call for "Justice" in keeping with the first order of business according to  the Constitution of the United States of America. (> First line).  

   The Movement is rooted in the message of Jesus and all prophets who believe in Love. Among His missions, to fulfill the old law with a new law grounded in love. (> Love is Universal). We know He would be there on the evening news in the midst of this Movement trying to keep its disciples focused on the goal of justice through the path of non-violence. We must be what we want to become. In the mainstream media, with exceptions, the few pastors who speak in support of these things are treated like the plague. Christians  en mass, once again, failing their Savior. 

   The Movement took root in Tunisia by an act of self immolation as part of the Arab Spring in 2011. The Movement is grounded in the truth of universal love as this is taught mostly notably by the two religions at war with one another. Even as the Pope declared the war in Iraq immoral, still Catholics went to fight the Muslims. Catholic bishops lined up with Caesar's agenda. Jesus does not approve. The God of Abraham, the God of Love, commands, dialogue, forgive and love your enemies. 

   What do we see instead? Deafening silence. 

   Which raises the question of why?  With this Movement so deeply rooted in the Constitution of the United States of America and the priority of "Justice", and so in keeping with the call of Love Incarnate, why the deafening silence?

   Imagine the opposite being true: Imagine the Pope, in union with all who believe in Love Incarnate condemning the Age of Terrorism. Imagine religious leaders of all faiths calling out for the Age of Peace, imploring all who believe in law to join together in the streets, a billion strong on September 21, 2016

   The Arab Spring of 2011 made clear, once again, when justice is not forthcoming, a long suffering people, unarmed, non-violent,  standing,  marching, singing,  crying, and dying, will occupy the streets till Justice is done.  This is how real human change happens. (>Law or War) No question it will be messy ... name a revolution that was not. 

   Imagine  political institutions throwing their voices on the right side of history, and candidates running a pro-law platform in Election 2012 USA? 

   Imagine people having the courage to vote for the principle of Justice; it's right there, up front, in the Constitution.  I pray that President Obama will do that. 

   The Occupy Wall Street Movement, which had initially good support among the populace,  was quickly wiped out by the U.S. main stream media's negatively biased coverage. This sadly predicts well the state of our Union as we enter 2012 (>State of Humanity 2010). As of recently, the Doomsday Clock was adjusted to display a time one minute closer to doomsday. That the U.S. Supreme Court made an entity called a corporation equal to a person in matters of money. Justice is now owned not by we the people, but by the highest bidder. We have made Justice our whore. It was no accident that her breasts were covered in the Bush II era.  When will humanity learn that the "moneyed only" way of doing things is bad for humanity? Great for the few and superior, awful for the many, and inferior. We worship the golden calf. We know the end of that story.  The Great Recession of 2008 is upon us, and may yet destroy us.  

   The Movement remains alive, the Chinese game of  "Go", as master plan. This gives hope that those who believe in law and passive resistance will overcome active promotion of war that fills the air ways. That what is now the deafening silence of 2012 becomes a mighty roar of September 21, 2015. Humanity across the globe by billions in the streets demanding Justice. The Movement, well prepared, disciplined, marching unarmed, united in non-violence, and vociferously, pro-law. 

   For all to remember: The Movement must be the thing it wants to become. A people living in peace under the rule of law. We must be the law we want to see. Some will die as martyrs as early Christian martyrs or the Buddhist monks, either way, a self immolation, in the name of Justice. 

   In the meantime, given the great silence,  I feel like I want to stand on a corner and shout out at the passersby, "A catastrophe is coming; it is not yet too late!",  and hand out my business card. Maybe I should. While there is still good reason to hope, my fears grow yearly that the struggle for justice will, once again, have to go through the hell of war. In does not have to be that way. (Vision)

   I can see it now.  Me, looking like another  nut standing on the street corner, occupying space, crying out about the end of the world as we know it ... my, my what a strange path I am on!

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