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Election 2012 Obama Wins
November 16, 2012jsc

​    Obama wins, "fair and square", even according to some of his greatest critics.

    Wins, but we the people have no vision on how to solve the biggest issues facing our age of terrorism. And none is greater than war and peace. Get that wrong and all else is for naught. And a lot of other big issues barely mentioned in a billions-of-dollars election, such as climate change, environmental degradation, and the growing gap between rich and poor, to name a few. All of which are intertwined in a Gordian knot such that a great catastrophe awaits us on present course. Do we go blindly into the night?

   On the matter of war and peace, Romney gave Obama an opening in the beginning minutes of their foreign policy debate. Romney talked of working with Muslims to lower the appeal of terrorism, and while no one had any idea what Romney might be planning, he did say the word peace at least three times. Obama did not bite. He deflected by reminding his audience that it was under his watch the wars are winding down and we are working with allies. Such a blandly stated internationalism not challenged by Romney. Obama could have noted that Republicans adamantly oppose any kind of foreign policy that binds us to the rule of international law, as any hint of "working with" humanity is weakness as defined by conservatives. Such exchanges would have deepened the debate of law or war, in which should we trust our future? It is an axiom that those who want war do not want law. In truth both men deferred, maybe even colluded, in avoiding a serious discussion on the most important topic of the day, war and peace.

   And, so, they avoided the biggest elephant in the room: We are at war with an enemy who will continue to attack us even as we bring out troops home. We forget they were attacking us before September 11, 2001, and they will continue to do so until their conditions for peace are met. Why? Because we continue to aggress against them by supporting all manner of evil, for reasons that have to do with oil, but more so Imperial Hubris. Because the West fails to understand the war they fight, war will continue as far as the eye can see as of this date. (To Win This War). 

   President Obama could have gone on the offensive in the debate and reminded Romney that as a new president he had gone to the Muslim world and promised to work in peace. He could have reminded his audience of how he was called an "apologizer", subconsciously suggesting he is a "appeaser", for speaking the truth on matters of historical fact. Obama could have gone there, and laid out a vision, a Doctrine of Peace, to describe an "Age of Peace" for our great-grandchildren. He did not.

   So, once again, the choice between law or war, in which ought we place our trust (War or Law), was not put before the electorate. Such has been a prayer of mine starting in 2004, and a prayer that was not heard in elections 2008 or 2012. (Age of Terrorism) By " not heard" I do not mean " not heard by God", for God hears all our prayers. But rather we humans in a critical mass (all that is needed is 2.5% of the populus to start a revolution) are not responding to the prayer for peace on earth of which mine is one of billions. The good news is that humanity has come of age when law not war can be the rule of the day - if a critical mass wants it. (Sept 21, 2016) The bad news is time is growing short to avoid the catastrophe ahead. Obama's turning aside of these issues in his foreign policy debate may have been intentional so as to avoid putting his re-election at risk. And a good bet perhaps, given the forces allied against him. I pray he kept his powder dry for a more opportune time. Or, perhaps I read too much into his deflection and he gave the best answer he could, with no grand strategy for peace in mind. Only time will tell. That he is in Burma, a budding democracy, attending to foreign affairs, perhaps a hopeful sign of what is yet to come.

   Will humanity hear the prayer for peace in time to avoid World War III? Will President Obama reach out to humanity and chart a doctrine of peace? For so doing will earn his 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace.

   Should he fail, a thousand years from now when history is written of these times that failure will mark a major misstep on the road to World War III. But, if he grabs this golden ring of law, it is right there for him grab ... he will heralded, Obama, the Alexander the Great of peace. It is there, anyone with clear seeing, can see it. I pray he will have the courage to grab it, as he must know humans have a habit of killing off peacemakers. (Global Peace Movement)

    We are left with this question. Does Barack Hussein Obama have it within him to be the Alexander the Great of our time, greatness not in war, but in law? It is time for the law professor-president to step forward. 

    He can challenge us to be American's next "greatest generation". It will hurt, but our great-grandchildren will sing our praises. Otherwise, they will hate us
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