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How might you contribute? 
The  project is huge, but we have to start somewhere. 
Step One: Commit yourself to doing something to bring a world at peace to our children. Otherwise catastrophe awaits them.

Step Two: Join the conversation ... contribute to the blogs ... bring people into the conversation ... a world at peace for our children,  this is how we do it. 

Step Three: Committee work. Yes, I know committees, but you have to meet and talk to figure out a plan for Peace Project 2050 to  succeed.   See below for ideas. 

Step Four: Four things you can do today.

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Note:The naming of committees will be a work in progress. Communicate amongst yourselves, you all know how ... it is you who will make this work. 

Global Legal Class
   To take the third step in global legal development the intellectual lifting to make that happen will require a literature review to lay the ground work for the  next level of integration of  human law. Those with legal training and background are needed to become part of the global legal class. 

Global Warrior 
   Humanity awaits the rise of the global warrior class bound not to nation, state or tribe, a kind of Swiss Guard for humanity. Bound and sworn to justice. Let us be real, until the rule of love has come upon us, the rule of law is the next best thing, and that will require the application of martial force in the name of global  law. The sword of justice needs you. 

Global Finances 
   Monies will need to be raised to make this project happen. Age of Peace 2050 Project will have an open accounting system. Those with accounting and fund raising know how needed. 

Global Theology
   Love is Universal. A theology of universal love that draws for the revelations of Love made known in spiritual traditions across humanity. The foundation for a humanity ruled more and more by law grounded in love. Those trained in the theology of love whatever the tradition welcomed. So much already done so much yet to do. 

Age of Peace 2050 Project
Code Name: Blue Project
    The Blue Project began as a vision many years ago. The idea is for humanity to take the third step in global legal development, before, not after World War III.  The purpose of this committee is to be the think tank that takes the nascent global charter outlined here and transform the Untied Nations into a the World of Nations to become a World of Peoples living in the Age of Peace. 

   Those with intellectual rigor and understanding of the globalization of humanity ...  the interconnectedness and interdependency of all things ... are welcomed. 
World of Peoples 
End War Forever
The Age of Peace