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Global Warrior Consciousness
Reflections, June 7, 2009jsc

    In the Age of Peace what will be the function of the warrior archetype? This archetype in every human, and some are called to follow, monk-like the call to justice. Imagine a warrior class fully accepting the implications of global human consciousness on bended knee to obey the Goddess of Justice and forswear the god of war. The god of war, having done what needed to be done to get humanity this far, put to rest. The sword is behind not in front of the law. 

    Imagine a global warrior class, active and passive, (Ego and Self) sworn to uphold global law when global crimes against humanity are committed and not addressed by local law. State's rights to a global level. Humanity awaits the rise of the global warrior class bound not to nation, state, or tribe, but to all humanity. The just warrior sworn to uphold the rule of law as decreed by justice. 

    Let us be realistic; until the rule of Love has come upon us, the rule of law is the next best thing. Evil need not be appeased by the shedding of human blood in war, although humans will need to sacrifice themselves to protect the innocent in the name of rule of law. Providing this protection is the role of the warrior  manifesting in law enforcement in the coming global civilization. By similar reasoning, it is clear that from global human consciousness a global legal class can arise to address the global human family. For, in the end, are we not all of us, brothers and sisters?

    Calling out to warriors with the gift of global consciousness... a Swiss Guard for Humanity ... sworn to the Goddess of Justice in the name of Law

    Your time has come. 
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