Bush Changing Course in 2006
Reflection, March 11, 2006jsc

   The New York Times headline of 3/13/06 trumpeted, “A Bush Alarm: Shun Isolation." It seems President Bush is attempting to change his post 9/11 policies which clearly put the U.S. not only outside but above the Rule of Law. In 2001 he announced his "change of rules", a frightened populace agreed, and a submissive press did not object. His advice? “Go shopping”. Five years later people continue to shop although deep in debt, and continue to support his sovereign right to act in their name. Given the dreadful turn of events abroad since 9/11, it now appears that George Bush would have been wise to heed his promise of a “war of ‘patient justice’ on terror (ism)" spoken before Congress on September 20, 2001, and stuck with his election promise of a more “humble” approach to humanity. 
   Whatever the spin masters of his government may have said post 9/11 to win public support for a doctrine of preemptive war, nothing of real substance changed in the basic rules of war and rules of law post 9/11. 9/11 was a brilliantly executed surprise attack. Period. Now, almost five years later the president sees his errors of policy. But with his presidency weakened will anyone listen to his language of interdependency, diplomacy, and warnings of the danger of going it alone. Our democratic Republic is in grave danger if the prime issue in Election 2008 is not centered on whether or not George Bush’s course correction was big enough soon enough to prevent World War III. We must not go blindly into the night. The only relevant question is whether or not we will work with or against humanity. Our strength must blend with the strength of others as we did twice in the last century if humanity is to take the third step to global governance, from the League of Nations, to the United Nations, to the World of Nations. George W. Bush’s final act to salvage his presidency in the eyes of history is to go the United Nations with a Doctrine of Peace and a World of Nations by 2020. That courageous action would earn him a Nobel Prize for Peace in 2008. The shadow of his stature in history assured for millennium not by his failure in war but his success in peace. 

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