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    If we continue to elect political leaders who curry to our weak side in what could be described as a suicidal trajectory we can trust that choice assures things will only get worse. And there is hope, there is still time to offer the next generation something better than catastrophe. 

   In U.S. politics the leadership is absent to harness the energy, like one would harness a horse, to persuade the voting public to stand as one in support of the clarion call. 

Energy Safe by 2015 
Fiscal Balance by 2020
End the Age of Terrorism, Peacefully, by 2050

   President Obama leans in that direction but out of fear from attack on the political right his focus to date has been defensive. (Self/Ego)  For those of us who belief law is the answer to what ails our times, it is time our president went on the offensive. He will if he believes the political will is there. Or we must find someone who will stand up for the rule law globally applied to end the age of terrorism, peacefully. 

   Imagine a clarion call from our president for our nation to be energy safe in four years and be fiscally balanced in a decade. Meaning that the United States of America will no longer need to purchase energy or do business with any nation or people that is ruled by unjust and despotic rulers; for the sooner we are trading with partners whose governance meets the widely recognized basic criteria of civil society in which individual rights, human dignity, and limited government ruled by justice as described by the founder of modern liberal philosophy (John Stewart Mill) as the hallmarks of civil human conduct, for the sooner we feel energy-safe, the sooner we can end the war. 

   Imagine passing on to our children a treasury that is fiscally balanced. And, one step further, let us imagine passing on a world free from the terror of war unbounded, terrorism. It can be done. These are achievable goals if the innocent join as one global family. Working with our brothers and sisters everywhere on all parts of planet earth to assure justice is fairly applied, first according to local tradition on any given day (World of Nations a Vision) and supported by global enforcement when global law is broken. In sum, imagine spending our national energy to work with humanity through the United Nations transformed to make sure the rule of law, not the rule of the war is the order of the day for our children.

   But for now, we remain a nation in denial with nay-saying politicians paid for by the wealthy invested in the status quo calling for less taxation and fewer regulations. With the majority of working and middle classes colluding in the belief that taxes and government are bad, real change seems impossible. Yet there are those amongst the wealthy and higher educated classes, as well as voters from all walks of life that will support this call, who understand that F.D.R.-like kind of sacrifice is required: perhaps sustaining the largest government intervention ever to avoid World War Three; and with the tax structure redesigned to win the peace. This great sacrifice would increase the likelihood of ending the age of terrorism, peacefully. With the focus of capitalism temporarily moved away from making money and focused on solving problems of the age in which we live. We can go back to the days of corporate welfare, if we choose, when we are at peace. We must prepare to imagine and live with the possibility of personal vehicles restricted to "work and home management only" to avoid fuel shortages; with all other personal transportation undertaken by public and/or mass transit (rail is the most efficient means of land travel); with cooperative food gardens and tax-supported local farms predicated on the idea that the more food is grown closer to home the less the transportation fuel is needed (once at peace than we can think about returning to a more gluttonous times); perhaps even food rationing (not such a bad idea for an overweight nation); with citizens working as a people to manage the debt as we "pay forward" in order to gain secure peace for the future in which our children will live.

   To live within our means, to pay off our debt, to not be dependent on hostile governments, to live in peace with one another; to suggest these ideas is to risk personal ridicule and political defeat at the hands of the conservatives defending the status quo. For this reason a clarion call from Barack Obama may lose him the election in 2012. But it can be argued that our nation's soul needs to be called to our higher angels, or surely our demons will rule. Give us a chance to be American's Next Great Generation. And if such a call is not heard, at least history will record that the clarion call was made. That's an argument made well by the Prophet Ezekiel. Failure to make the call and the bloodshed is on your hands. It is better to be on the right side of history (living in peace with one another) and calling for the real change needed and fail to avoid the catastrophe looming ahead, than to pretend that there is nothing I (we) can do to stop it. The call advances doable goals with a clear objective, peace. And, for now I have the illusion of doing something even as we continue to rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. 

   I believe President Obama could win a clear majority in 2012 with such a call well articulated, but barring that he will have a struggle, for those who believe in war will have the more compelling argument. Without a clear vision of peace achieve by getting us to an energy-safe place, by setting a course for fiscal balance, by building the global legal system to keep us all safe, and spelling out the sacrifice needed to make that happen - fear will release the terror of war unbounded. Law or war; either path requires great sacrifice, in which do we place our trust? For all our sakes President Obama must take the risk of seeking the answer in 2012.

The Clarion Call:
Energy Safe by 2015 
Fiscally Balanced by 2020
End the Age of Terrorism by 2050

President Obama and the Clarion Call for Sacrifice
Reflections, May 15, 2010jsc

The Clarion Call:
Energy Safe by 2015 
Fiscal Balance by 2020
End the Age of Terrorism, Peacefully

   Great sacrifice will be needed from all able-bodied citizens if we are to be victorious over the difficult times in which we live. 

   U.S. citizens are beginning to see the flaw in accepting what their leaders, political, corporate, religious and fiscal, have said for forty years that they, "could have it all" without sacrifice. In 2010 the 80s cultural reaction to the 60s meets reality. Almost a decade ago war came to us from an enemy long preparing for war and "we the people" are told to "go shopping". We did. Our enemy's heart leaped in secret joy. Remember President Carter's call for sacrifice; one can only imagine what might have been had we followed his bold call for sacrifice to be energy independent, by conserving. Ironically conservatives bulked at the idea and elected Ronald Reagan. But that is the road less traveled. By all accounts from across the political spectrum there is a heap of big trouble down the road on the present course and we are ill-prepared, with only visions of war unending. 
World of Peoples 
The Age of Peace
World Without War by 2050
World of Nations by 2020
Justice the Answer to War
Question: Will Humanity take the third step toward global governance before or after 
World War III?
(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
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