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Doing Battle with War Itself
Reflections, October 25, 2009jsc

  Underlying the Age of Terrorism that is upon us is a great struggle between those who believe in the rule of war as the ultimate answer to what ails us, and those who believe in the rule law as the ultimate answer. One side believes in the god of war and “politics by other means”, and the other believes in the goddess of justice and the peace that comes from the rule of law. To bring this struggle to the foreground in human awareness the confluence of war and law must be separated. There is no middle ground, as the “just war” hypothesis favors war, and as Carl Gustav Jung observed, things have to be taken apart before for a new order of integration can be attempted. 
   The struggle between law and war need not be fought in physical reality, especially in the halls of government, for it is now clear that this battle could be fought in virtual reality. Imagine if every human had an “avatar” in virtual space, one that reflected the individual's own "real world" beliefs and potential choices in the matters of law and war. By putting these choices - law or war - before these avatars, the likely consequences for the real world would be evident, but without the evident risk. Unless those who foresee the avatars taking on their masters are right, but that is another story! The virtual struggle providing a feedback loop potentially influencing humanity into making the best decisions for the species and the world in general thus driving the course of human development to a higher consciousness. A more responsible level of moral activity consonant with civil society based on the idea that the next best thing to Law of Love that is yet to come upon us is the rule of law guided by Love fulfilled that has been given to us. 

   It might be projected, depending on the underlying assumptions about human nature that those who believe in law would easily win the struggle, quickly amassing sufficient capital - the center of gravity in this battle - and with the power of the innocent who long for peace easily be able to strangle the god of war. But it may well be that the god of war will not go down so straightforwardly, and the struggle may be reduced to the new global warrior class sworn to the goddess of justice to uphold global law doing battle with the old nation warrior class sworn to the god of war to uphold the status quo in real time and space. The third step in global legal development could come down to those who believe in law doing battle with those who believe in war. This could be what history will call World War III.

   Ideally, humanity will use the internet and other means to foster a global consciousness grounded in Love. This will inevitably bring us to the third step in global legal development, the World of Nations, which in turn will bring humanity to the fourth step to a global civilization called the World of Peoples. A humanity ruled by law not war. The question before us is: Do we have to go through a World War III to get to this end?
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(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
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