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Fourth Principle: Immigration Legalization

Legalization of immigrants is the moral and just thing to do, and is another step to a more civilized humanity. 

It is practical. Legalization of immigrants protects everyone. 
As global citizens we will know who is in our midst, and we will better understand our obligations to those who come and do so much of our work. 

Legal immigrant will have rights, obligations, and privileges including 
the right to citizenship.

Free migration of human resources is a good thing, but this human intercourse must be ruled by law, not economics. 

A legal immigrant business culture will punish those who use illegal workers. 
Current immigration policy is nonsensical, counterproductive, inhumane, 
and amounts to slavery.

Such change will take time and cost billions of dollars to correct what is so wrong for so long, but in the long run of history such policy will save mountains of untold human suffering and save trillions of dollars.
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