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Authoritarianism Rising and Christianity Compromised
October 21, 2018jsc

The headlines around the globe shout out; authoritarian governments are rising. Also jumping out is the story of the brutality committed by these governments to repress any countenance to their authority. The cover up of the brutal killing of Saudi citizen Khashoggi allegedly done by Saudi government is in the headlines. The subscript is clear; we should all be a little scared to speak up. 

President Trump is on the news today praising “body-slamming” of reporter, “my kind of guy.”, he proudly proclaims. The crowd roars in approval. Be afraid. It appears for now a growing tolerance and support for Nazi style government. 

On TV prominent Christian leaders are supporting Caesar’s agenda, fearful of loss of billion dollar sale and jobs. What? The last thing Jesus would say on CNN, "Yes, I put money and jobs over justice.” What He would say likely very unpopular; sort of His thing!

My own Church in U.S.A. is as compromised as any, having turned away from the peace church of  Vatican II, and  is essentially an arm of American foreign and domestic policy.  

Jesus to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan”, when Peter too much for Caesar’s agenda. Of course God chooses sinful humans for we are all sinners; and converted we do the works of Love as Jesus would in the name of Justice.

In the land there is no sacred justice, only naked power. Prophets warn of danger.

In the main Christian leaders of today are the Pharisees of yesteryear. 

Right wing authoritarianism is rising and Christianity is compromised. 

God Help Us. 
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