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First Principle: Doctrine of Peace

The United States of America embraces the Kellogg Briand Pact and a Doctrine of Peace: 
Working with humanity to build the global legal and enforcement structures 
to end the Age of Terrorism, peacefully. 
The timing is auspicious.
The United Nations the second step toward a humanity ruled by law was born of the horrors of World War II, and is in need of a major upgrade to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
A Doctrine of Peace commits the United States of America to working with humanity to build the third step to a humanity ruled by law.

Can there be a greater common global social purpose than 
to build the next level of human governance? 
What greater unifying purpose would John Kennedy have us consider 
were he our President today? 
Imagine him calling for a bold journey to inner space,
"A world of nations ruled by law by 2020."
Humanity will follow such bold leadership.
"To imagine is everything." Einstein
World of Peoples 
The Age of Peace
World Without War by 2050
World of Nations by 2020
Justice the Answer to War
Question: Will Humanity take the third step toward global governance before or after 
World War III?
(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
The Age of Catastrophe or The Age of Peace
The Age of Peace 2050 Project
League of Nations, United Nations, World of Nations, World of Peoples, The Age of Peace

It Is a Matter of Imagination, Collective Human Will and Money.