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(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
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Fr: Jan S. Cavanaugh
To: A Holiday Greeting To All
Re: Off to Our Lady of Mepkin Abbey, Moncks Corner, SC, Month of December 2015

I prepare for my month long stay as guest monk at Mepkin deeply disturbed by the state of humanity at the end of 2015. Even with all kinds of silver linings, all kinds of solutions to what ails us, dark clouds of war on the horizon darken yearly. Perhaps the climate change conference in Paris now convening, particularly given the recent guerrilla attacks there, will motivate humanity to reach out in common cause to stop the warming and end this ever expanding war. Many prophets say we are in the opening storms of WWIII. Is anyone listening? 

All I know is there is no talk on the evening news about avoiding WWIII, although everyone I talk to left right and center sees the darkening clouds and many agree that a great war is in the making. 

What can we do to stop it they ask? I shout out join as one voice and demand leaders who will put humanity on a path to peace on earth as is our birth right. The God I know promises peace on earth if we would but listen. 

And I am aware WWIII could be a close call and it may be too late already the flame of war too high to contain. If the injustices underlying this war are left to fester too long, then only war can end war. Humanity like the Titanic once seeing the danger not able to turn fast enough to avoid the catastrophe ahead. 

That large numbers of people even in the peace and justice movements remain unwilling to join as one voice in the cause of ending war that is now before war us amazes me or I see falsely; what will it take to wake them up before it is too late? 

All other causes no matter how right and just secondary for now to ending war. 

Pope Francis did declare that WWIII has started, calling out for a world peace conference at the United Nations … this war is not just regional but getting evermore global. Paris a hint of what is too come everywhere unless humanity finds a way to end this madness lawfully. 

Let us pray President Obama take the lead in that global peace effort … in this way earn his Noble Peace Prize given to him in 2009 by humanity crying out for peace. 

I go monastery to give witness to the truth that what the seeker seeks is real. I go to monastery to be still that I might hear what Jesus wants of me in these times of war. I go to monastery to pray for a World Global Peace Conference; all parties who want peace at the table to end this war, and while they are at it, end war altogether. Those not at the table outlaws of humanity.

If enemies cannot yet forgive one another as Love commands, they can talk to each other, to understand; to know: the healing is in the relationship. 

Perhaps it is time for us ordinary folk to reach out to “other” as Jesus did over and over … get the ball rolling in the name of peace. Let’s roll someone once said. 

Peace Be With You In This Season Celebrating The Birth Of Peace on Earth.