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Go Pussy Riot
August 18, 2012jsc

   Pussy Riot is an all-girl Russian punk rock band, doing what punk rock is supposed to do - confront the establishment. They did. They staged a protest in a major cathedral, decrying the unholy alliance between church and state in Russia. President Putin's authoritarian style of rule and the Orthodox Church 's support of him is their protest. What the parties have in common is a fear of the will of the people, and their strong desire to shut down this kind of protest. Both are in cahoots to take democracy away from the Russian people, despite the fact that it is the church's duty to speak the truth, not become the whore of the state. This state of affairs is what Pussy Riot enact in their art. They dramatize the church's selling out to mammon.

   Though charged with "religious hating", they say they mean no disrespect for religious practice, think of Jesus driving out those who were selling and buying in the Temple in Jerusalem. Jesus would not approve of such a sellout by the Orthodox Church, he would describe them as the Pharisees of our day. He would be on stage with Pussy Riot.

   Pussy Riot. The use of what is in the common mind a "bad" word, one that refers to female genitalia as the first word in their name does not escape notice. And besides, "pussy" is a euphemism for a cat, suggesting such feline qualities as possessing claws and fury. They are a Russian group of women unafraid to take this word and use it as a metaphor for female power. One can only wonder when women everywhere will begin to use the power of their sex to turn the world on its side - for the sake of justice. 
(Crossed Legs Movement)

   Go Pussy Riot! 
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