World Wide Crossed Legs Movement: Lysistrata
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   To refresh: "Lysistrata" is the story of a Greek woman as told by Aristophanes, a "comic account of one woman's extraordinary mission to end The Peloponnesian War. Lysistrata persuades the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate peace ...". (Source: Wikipedia)  The story gets complicated, to be sure, but eventually the women win peace.  Today there are women with crossed legs following the example of Lysistrata. (>Amazon) They are a minority for sure, but they are getting results. They are determined that men start negotiating peace. Suddenly roads get build, wells get dug, law is enforced, and so on. Imagine this movement of women and the men who love them on a worldwide scale. 

   Imagine a World Wide Crossed Legs Movement: A  passive resistance movement whose goal would be to make law not war  the "order of day" as a globalizing humanity becomes ever-more interdependent and interconnected, the next  stage in human development. A woman knows her child has better chance for survival when justice prevails.  Like it or not men, it is women who made possible a humanity evermore loving. In the Christian story how Love becomes incarnate, it a woman and God who bring Love to humanity. Men are the side show.  As a human family, human males, left to their own devices, would be living the equivalent of the life of male orangutans. It is not a pretty picture! This does not mean that a few just men did not, and do not get it. They did and do. 

   If humanity wills it the next order of civilization, a globalized humanity focused on human potential will raise up glorious centuries of peace, ensured by justice and grounded in Love.(> Love is Universal). Men joining with women truly co-equal in all ways except in matters of reproduction. God made us male and female. (Genesis 1, 26.28)   (Global Charter > male and female). We must be careful to remember these things in negotiating and integrating the ethical and moral with the technical and information technologies in human development. Of course evil will always be with us, so the need for and means to enforce law will always be with us when law is broken.  

    The Movement's demand: Global Justice for Global Crimes. Local Justice for Local Crimes.  

    The Movement's hope:  To avoid World War III by peacefully ending the Age of Terror. (Mission) 

   The Movement seeks:  To change the course of human development from a humanity in which war rules according to the god of war, to an humanity in which rule by law  is "insured" according to the goddess of Justice.  Justice is the first order of business, according the Constitution of the United States of America.  Justice is a universal want. Justice is the prayer for peace in action. All humans of good faith accept as truth that God is Love. When enemies sit at table, break bread, and drink wine, and talk of peace as their God of Love demands, a humanity governed by law will happen. 

   And all the more so, for like the men of Athens,  men of war sitting at table deprived of the company of women and sex will be anxious to make a deal.  Not that there will not be a few hold outs, for that is where the story gets complicated. 

   God made it a point to make us male and female and what is more, to make sure sex was an obsession for men. Our survival as a species depended, and still depends on that, although, in time, it is hoped men will become more sexually conscious.  With consciousness come awareness, and with awareness choice, and with choice responsibility.  Men of war will be given a choice. The majority of men will give up on war. Laws will still need to be enforced, so the weapons of war will be modified for purposes of ensuring the law. And warriors will still be needed. (Global Warrior Consciousness). 

   There may be  skeptics and naysayers who will say the "crossed legs" concept will not work.  But I say that, if this is what it takes to stop war and get some wells dug, then let's do it. If Aristophanes had it right, this movement can  end the Age of Terrorism peacefully.  But, not without  struggle, lest we forget the warrior archetype runs deep and there may be some of the old guard unwilling to accept that under a rule of law society, the warrior swears allegiance to the Goddess of Justice. (War On Itself).

   The concept of a lot of women crossing legs and saying no to sex is a radical solution for radical times. The survival of civilization as we know it is in the  balance (11.11.11).

   It is a basic fact of human development that there is no change without sacrifice. Sacrificing sexual contact with others, and turning that beautiful energy inward for a higher cause, is not without precedent (Celibacy > Amazon.). 

   There will be women who will enter convents with the intent of undertaking a life of  intense prayer till peace ensured by justice is done. On their knees seven times a day  praying for peace. If women are willing to sacrifice sex for Justice's sake, there will be men of peace who in sympathy and in solidarity with women will accept the challenge and live celibate lives in monastery. Nuns and monks of all traditions transmuting human enery into prayer. And, when peace comes many returning to the world, a great rejoining of the sexes in doing God's good work on earth.  

   And there will be those who stay. Perhaps a great monastic renascence to ensure peace reigns forever. 

   Note: The assumption in this essay is that this concept has equivalent application in gay, bisexual and transsexual relationships. And all that needs to be elaborated.  For convenience of communication the majority sexual model is used here.  

   And when the time comes to be in the streets (September 21, 2015) the power of a woman's nakedness to change history is biblical.  The message, we are here, you can't not see us, men of war see what you are missing. Of course like any sword the crossed legs strategy is a two sided weapon, for with less sex, less population. We can make the drama in Aristophanes look like child's play, for human existence as we know it is at stake.

   Meanwhile, those who want war will have  to decide to continue war without sex, or give it up and go home and get laid.  At the very least it will make for a great historical account. But, we must not forget that, as in the story of Lysistrata ... it will be complicated. 

    It can be done. It is a matter of collective will, for crossing legs will not be easy. But, together with peace, the secondary gain that comes with this next step in global legal development (Law or War), the sexual slavery of women can be brought to an end. 

   Not bad, crossed legs, ending war as the rule of the day for the human family, getting men of peace on board as full partners in making family, and ending the slavery of women,  all in one fell swoop. Never doubt the power of women. For it is only a matter of time before  the Third Feminist Revolution comes to pass. While the first two revolutions moved women in the direction of sexual freedom, which had a lot to do with baring themselves (movie stars getting in and out of cars and "flashing" the center of their sexual being to the world ... the ultimate "fuck you" to patriarchy.)  True sexual freedom will come when men and war are done and women and peace rule. To get there will require great sacrifice (Sacrifice), and sacrificing sex is a great sacrifice. 

   It is a principle of human nature that the deeper the love the deeper the sacrifice needed to make great things happen.  

   It is true, as of now the concept of women and men  making law the rule of the day is but a dream. And  it need not be just a dream. Our premise is this: the crossed-legs of women movement now happening in small ways, can transform humankind and herald the  Age of Peace.  Lysistrata  can show us the way ... her name stands for "army disbander".  

   On the day universal peace is declared, a great "carnival" can be instituted to be celebrated annually henceforth. The stain of September 11, 2001, a moment of betrayal, will be transformed by Love. And after the great feasting, prayer and penance as humanity  will continue to dedicate itself to the rule of law that the god of war does not reappear. 

   Peace is humanity's deepest and most heartfelt prayer: There are four steps  to making that happen.   

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