Step One
   In the Name of the God of Love, terrorism, the terror of war unbounded, must be condemned by all religious authorities who profess a God of Love. Surely humanity can agree that the rule of law is the next best thing to the law of love: The killing of the innocent must stop, for war unbounded is immoral and unjust, and is an evil unto itself. All who practice the terror of war unbounded are in sin against what is holy: they are outlaws of humanity and must be subject to the Rule of Law Universally Applied. Those who engage in such behavior risk the fires of damnation for those who believe in the hereafter, and for those this side of the hereafter, if found guilty in a fair and open trial under the auspices of a global justice system, solitary confinement for life with only holy books to read, but with full public recanting and lengthy re-education can earn the right to global civil society. 

Step Two
   The lion and the lamb must lie down together. Warriors and lawyers from a shared sense of global consciousness working together to build the legal structures of a global justice system and be given the authority and means for global enforcement. In such a world, nations, states and tribes and all persons are committed to resolving conflict through dialogue, debate, vote and all are subject to the rule of law. Global warriors will swear allegiance to the goddess of justice vowing to kill only in the name of law to protect the Innocent. 

   Globalization is humanity becoming ever more interconnected and interdependent and such a civilization will need global law and custom as much as the local village must have local law and custom to maintain social order and civil accord. A global civil society grounded in the Law of Love and founded on the Rule of Law, with Justice fairly applied as imperfect as that will be, will be a far better quality of life for all than the terror of war unbounded. 

Step Three
   World Wide Reconciliation
             Who are victims? We all are.
             Who are guilty? We all are.
             Who are innocent? We all are.

Step Four 
     Join ... this is the DOING side of this business. 

   In such a world the Voice of Justice is supreme. Respect the Rule of Law or be an outlaw of humanity. In the first steps to a global civil society, perhaps yet a century away, a few basic rules of global human conduct must be observed. 

   Outlawing the slaughter of the Innocent, terrorism, the terror of war unbounded is priority one. 

   Ending the age of terrorism peacefully will require great vision, courage, and purpose. What humanity needs is enduring justice, for this is the foundation of enduring peace. 

   If we can imagine it we can build it.
Occupy Wall Street Movement

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Four Steps to End the Age of Terrorism, Peacefully
Reflections, August 11, 2005jsc

   Terrorism, the terror war unbounded by law is a scourge that has been unleashed by all sides in a war sickened humanity. It is getting close to too late to contain the venom that feeds this illness buried deep in the collective unconsciousness of humanity. Einstein said that he did not know what weapons would be used in World War III, but he did foresee World War IV fought with sticks and stones. We have been forewarned. To those who say another World War cannot happen: who foresaw the great barbarity of World War I or the acts of terrorism that would end World War II? 

   The terror of war unbounded has many faces, but the result is the same: The slaughter of the innocent. 
   To stop this slaughter, to outlaw terrorism, is humanity’s highest moral priority.
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(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
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