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Thursday, April 14, 2016
My Dear Brothers in Christ,
It is with a heavy heart that I depart Mepkin. My time as Observer done. I came here in high hopes I would stay till I die. I leave accepting the will of God that it is not to be so. 

For sure at this time in my life I am monk. A dream at fourteen foretold this, in the dream my heart energy “sucked inside” behind the monastic wall, but the boy standing on the hill his heart heavy facing the golden roof tops of the city. A heart filled with sorrow sent by the Abbot into the world. I am that “he”.

My ego self wants to change the end of the dream to its way. For hard as it is for this old man, your shared life apart from the world a joy for me. My discernment “clear and true” with no manipulations of logic to make the end “predetermined” the Abbot said. Life “consecrated”, a monk at Mepkin that path is not Her-His will for my true self. I will seek oblate situations that support my monk in the world journey. 

To give you a sense of my time here my discernment and my passion … 
I return to the world to continue the work that was given to me by Jesus in a vision while here in 2013, “Do it”, He said, beat the peace drum to end war before the drum of war ends us. I am peace monk. I bear witness to the many signs of the grave dangers that portent a catastrophic future for our children’s grand-children.
With no talk of ending our never ending wars, we have war unending. We are in the open stages of WWIII. 

The prophets warn: The Age of Terrorism to become the Age of Catastrophe. 
Ezekiel 3, 18 … makes it real clear … whether this message is heard or not, is not my problem, but my failure of duty to warn and the guilt of the blood that is to come does come down on my head as well. 

People say, “We know.”, but, “What can I do?” … I say, loudly, talk to each other; begin a global conversation to end war. 

A universal prayer, “Peace through Justice to end war, we pray to the Lord”. “Lord here our prayer”. I imagine that cry for peace in all places of worship in all religions in all lands every day till peace is done.  

I can see it now: “Cistercians for Peace” on the evening news.  

Can we not agree that until of the God of Love is perfected amongst us, the God of Justice the next best thing?

In addition to the good news of non-violence as practiced by Jesus as our model of practice, there are all kinds of solutions to the ills we face. What is missing, to date, is a unified voice to put those solutions into practice in time to save this civilization. In whose interest is it to have nations and peoples so divided against each other? The psalms tell look to power unjustly used and the intercourse of money abused and violated. 

Capitalism is the idolatry of money and Clericalism the idolatry of power.  

To my mushroom brothers I thank you for allowing me the feeling of belonging to a rag tag band of brothers. We work and pray hard. I will miss each of you … looking at Guest Monk in December … God willing.

To all of you thank you for allowing, for a while, the experience of being in a space given over to the sole pursuit of the Sacred.  I do not think you all be saints, just yet, but you are good men. 

I seek connection nuns and monks who want to band together as peacemonks to avoid WWIII and End War. 
JanStephen PeaceMonk