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Question: Will Humanity take the third step toward global governance before or after 
World War III?
In 2012 the doomsday clock was set at five minutes to  midnight. 
in 2015 the clock was adjusted to three minutes to midnight.
The Doomsday Clock 2017 set two and half minutes away from midnight. The closest it's been since 1953.
(A story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
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It Is a Matter of Imagination and Collective Human Will.
Kim Un Jae-in Trump Nobel Peace Prize 2018
August 17, 2017jsc 

  First step, know your enemy. 

   North Korea’s military position is defensive. They cannot win an offensive war and warn us again and again, they will only attack if attacked, and fearing pre-emptive action will attack. Pre-emptive war is their right under current rules of war.

   Their plan of war is to inflict as much damage on their enemy as they can, while they can, in the hopes of putting enough fear in the enemy to keep the enemy at bay. As long as that threat is there they will never renounce their right to nuclear defense against a nuclear threat. This too is in keeping with rules of engagement in this war. They trust, despite our denials that we will come and kill them. They point to our past and recent history.

   President Trump’s threats play into North Korean fears of surprise attack … war games on their door steps, a dangerous game of chicken solely to entertain his audience. Let us pray back channels are open that no mistake of judgment sets off WWIII.

   There is a solution.

   Enemies must talk to end this war … no preconditions, as Jesus would preach… before this unresolved war and a singular event starts the war which could end civilization as we know it.  

   Blessed are the peacemakers, they are children of God

   The Headline 2018: Un Jae-in Trump 2018 Nobel Peace Prize: For peacefully ending Korea at war.