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Will We the People Support Trump On Korea?
6/12/2018 8:07:37 PM
   In April a blog spot,  “Support Trump Effort on North Korea”, I pondered the matter of support for Korea Peace and noted, “Of all parties concerned, I am most concerned about “we the people” demanding our Congress do so.” And I wondered, “Will we?”  

   In June Presidents Trump and Kim un did their part to open the door in Singapore … showing mutual respect key to success. 

   Will we the people go through the door? 

   Imagine the Democrat Party having the testicular fortitude to support him? Unify the country.

   On Korea Peace President Trump is on the right side of history. The removal of the threat of WWIII with Korea Peace would be a great blessing. And surely a Nobel Peace Prize for we the people. 

   We must be the thing we want to be. 

   And leads to questions for deeper reflection … have we the people been at war so long, we are war conscious dominant?

   No trust in peace.