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What Does Post Rapid Climate Change Look Like? 
October 19, 2016jsc

This is our probable climate future headline: A Short Hot Age Followed By a Long Cold Age.

Forecasters have developmental models for us to see the levels of catastrophe in our future given various parameters of climate change. What measures taken by humanity to meet the challenges of rapid climate change will influence the outcome. For example:

U.S tax dollars are funding our military to build the next generation tracking site to keep track of the 200,000 plus pieces of junk in near space … the powers that be decided to build this multibillion dollar facility on an atoll … at sea level in the Pacific.

I hope we in majority agree this is good use of tax dollars … I would rather not have pieces of that junk falling on my head … without warning. 

But the choice of place seems unwise to me given the evidence of seas rising, damaging and flooding the site… to put such a thing in such a place. The explanation, as I understand it, is military planners did not see the evidence of climate change as relevant in the contractual negotiations.  

I do understand there are near earth military options that are part of the decision making, so the issues get complex.

Powerful voices and significant numbers of people have been in denial of rapid climate change and our military reflected this denial even as it was doing its job.  This denial appears to be lifting, parts of our military now figures climate change into its projected war plans. How much, how fast and what is the outfall of rapid climate change is a matter of crunching the numbers. This is a known unknown. 

Hidden from view in the denial is the question: what is next in climate, post rapid climate change? Exactly how our short hot age ends, too soon to tell, but it will end and afterwards relative to geological time, a “long and cold” climate is next.  The unknown known is how bad that climate will it  get?

Einstein foresaw a catastrophic future for humanity on present course.  He did not know what WWIII would look like but foresaw WWIV fought with sticks and stones. The global consciousness needed to prevent this worst case scenario still nascent. 

The choices are straight forward.  Does humanity put in place the institutions to peacefully resolve in a court of law all injustices big and small?  A humanity ruled by law, not by war, no different than we as a people a nation of laws, imperfect as that is, still better than the perfection of war. 

People ask what I can do to change the course of history away from war.

One thing is for sure, war will be ended only when humanity stands up and demands leaders to end war forever.  

In the Name of Peace, just one small thing to make a big difference … lend your signature in support of a concept whose time has come.

End War Forever.

One billion people, one by one … a movement to end war will be born. Our post rapid climate change future, the future our great great-children will inherit  is in the balance and dependent on your willingness to risk your signature.