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World of Peoples
The Age of Peace
World Without War by 2050
World of Nations by 2020
Justice the Answer to War
Question: Will Humanity take the third step toward global governance before or after 
World War III?
(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
The Age of Catastrophe or The Age of Peace
The Age of Peace 2050 Project
League of Nations, United Nations, World of Nations, World of Peoples, The Age of Peace

It Is a Matter of Imagination and Collective Human Will.
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Reflections on My 72nd Birthday
World without War 2050 
The Unheard Call of Our Time
June 10, 2015jsc

    “World without War 2050”, in my dreams I can hear the drum and chant of peace, see billions in parks and streets non-violently demanding a world without and beyond war.

Headline: World without War 2050: The Unheard Call of Our Time
   In 1928 our great grandparents passed the Kellogg-Briand Pact to end war; their call out to us, the lesson of WWI forgotten. In 1947 the United Nations signed the Universal Bill of Human Rights; the lesson of WWII, our grandparent’s lesson essentially forgotten. In 1965 Pope John Paul II called out at the United Nations for a United Nations transformed to make possible a world without war. This task barely started. 

   Those who experienced the horrors of world wars last century are telling us what to do to avoid the growing probability of civilization ending war by the end of this century. In 2015 is anyone listening?

   In the main “no”, humanity is not listening to this unheard call. There are loud voices of war determined to mute the call. But some are. The International Court of Justice also known as the World Court and the International Criminal Court the next generation global justice systems are coming online soon.  

   Justice, the basis of a global security system based on law, is the answer to a humanity without and beyond war. 

   Will humanity buy in in time? 

   The pieces and parts to make a world without and beyond war are falling into place, but two things are missing. The collective human imagination to envision it, and the collective human will to make it a happen. 

   A world without war is the unheard call of our time at a time when the ship of humanity is on course to WWIII and the Age of Catastrophe to follow.  

   I send this to all as I begin my 73rd trip around our star: I was born into a world at war and it looks like I am going to die into a world at war. 

   I pray I am wrong. 

   There is no greater evil than war, no greater gift to our grandchildren than to end war. 2050 a time frame to make it happen. 

   Come join the conversation and begin to build the networks to make a world without war happen.