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World of Peoples
The Third Feminist Revolution 
Patriarchy Transformed: The Age of Peace
February 6, 2014jsc

    Patriarchy refers to a social system in which human consciousness is programed to believe that what is man, male and masculine is superior in nature and form to what is woman, female and feminine. In such a universe woman are in their rightful place when they are obedient and submissive. The phallus reigns. Rape is a method of control sanctioned by culture and used as a method in the terror of war. What we hear of in India where a woman can suffer the punishment of rape for breaking a cultural code … not even the tip of the iceberg of the horrors that go on worldwide in the matter of the treatment of girls and women, even as I write these words. 

    World-wide women and the men who love them have been revolting against this social system and the injustice done in the name of state and religion. Whatever the developmental, epigenetic, and evolutionary factors that brought patriarchy into existence, whatever benefits that have accrued by virtue of patriarchy, it is time to end this way of being. The damage done to human kind in war, the abuse of women, and by extension of logic the dehumanization of men … it is time for patriarchy to be fully transformed.

    And, this transformation is already underway. 

    From the standpoint of even a hundred years ago, imagining that women in such large numbers across such a large swathe of humanity might have the freedoms and choices that they have today would have been unthinkable. The day when patriarchy will be transformed is coming to all peoples and all cultures … the momentum for this already is too great to be stopped. Yet, there is so much to be done. 

    There will be martyrs along the way. Women and men risking life and limb to make it happen that a woman can drive a car, vote, be educated, a humanity in which woman is equal in all ways to man save what is of nature and essential to sexual reproduction. The more free and equal are women, the more free and equal are men. Gender equality the unifying voice of third feminist movement. 

   We can see the direction of history, patriarchy on defense, already significantly undone in many parts of humanity. Like the Soviet Union before the fall, it is weakened and ready to be felled by the revolutions to come. And, while Russians continue the struggle for their freedoms … led by women (Pussy Riot) … their direction is clear. All that is needed is one big shove from humanity to push this mentality aside and throw it into the dust bin of history. But it will be need a big shove. 

    And, what would a patriarchy transformed look like? This is the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question.  Without a guiding vision there will be no generation of the energy needed to achieve the goals of the Third Feminist Revolution. 

    What will those goals achieved look like? Imagine: Women and men are equal in all ways in all lands under the goddess of justice (For wisdom is always a She. The Greek word for wisdom is Sophia.) As justice prevails so shall the rule of law in a world without war. Patriarchy transformed will herald the Age of Peace: full equality for all and a world ruled by justice assuring all human universal human rights. It can be done … it is first a matter of vision, and then collective will and money. It will take a lot of money. Peace will not be cheap, but one helluva lot cheaper than the alternative. 

    What kind of feminist mindset will be needed to make this happen? 

    The psychological worldview of the feminist is the worldview that gets enacted. How we are now is what will come to be. We must become the change we envision. 

    Feminist Revolution Three will build on Revolutions One and Two. 

    The mindset of the leaders of the first two generation of women’s revolutions against patriarchy was a “we versus them” mindset, a binary mindset. 

   In wisdom teaching a binary mindset is a useful but unenlightened mindset. The binary mindset is fueled by righteous and justifiable anger in the matter of the status of woman in all cultures, with strategies of blaming, scolding, projecting, reacting, enacting, and marching against - all part of gathering strength to make feminist revolutions in the twentieth century a success, and a lot of pent-up sexual energy exploding … and well, “we got what we get” as they say is some idioms of English. Monroe, Madonna, Miley … one can only wonder, what is next! Female nudity is a threat to patriarchy. (Free the Nipple)

    A lot of good has come about for women and men as patriarchy is deconstructed, and there is more to come. These revolutions are ongoing, the work not yet done in many, many parts of humanity, including the United States of America. That our country, a people called to justice according to the Constitution, does not have equality of gender and sexual orientation enshrined constitutionally, represents one measure of work yet to done here at home. Movements come and go, waning and waxing all part of the process of change, the waxing (Femen) already on the rise again powered by forces deep within the ocean of collective human suffering. 

    What mindset will it take to generate the energy for the Third Feminist Revolution? 

    The next step in transforming patriarchy will require an enlightened or unitive mindset. It will be a new level of global consciousness … a unified, holistic mindset in matters of sex and gender and power.  

    How to achieve that mindset?

    Owning the projection … for as all the wise ones have said in one way or another … first we grow by projecting, and when strong enough we take the next step, owning the projection. The power is within. The next step in feminine/female human development is not about the marketplace, even as the first and second feminist revolutions in this domain continue, but rather about the inner place. This owning brings us to the heart space and the healing and integration needed to be leaders in the Third Movement. 

    The heart centered in love … it is from that center out of which all action for this revolution to succeed must flow, or nothing new will happen. To give an example from my own faith community, we can put women in priest’s clothing to make everyone think progress is being made … and it would by degrees, perhaps, but the real progress is women and men in priest’s vestments with a mindset of patriarchy transformed. Then justice will prevail. The Church living the message of Jesus in a more perfected body. 

    What will make this movement most notable is its nonviolent honoring-all attitude, all are welcome at the table of love, women and the men who love them, kneeling, standing, walking, occupying, billions in the streets … and not getting off the streets until they are assured of full equality under justice and the god of war put to rest. 

    For those needing theological justification for this work, look to justice and rule by law, for this is what the God of Love has promised … through justice comes peace on earth. 

    But this is not going to happen if women and the men who love them have not owned and transformed their psychological inner patriarchal world. Only then will a person know what she/he has to do in the outer world to bring about full equality of all and a world without war. These goals are two sides of the same coin; phallic-dominated consciousness dead. Long live the penis! Isn’t that what they say as they when the king dies? Now the penis dialogues can begin. (Vagina Monologues) 

    With transformed patriarchy and humanity ruled by the goddess of justice, whole new universes open before us. 

“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness … the
energies of love. And then, for the second time in the history of the
world, we will have discovered FIRE.” Teihard de Chardin

    The Age of Peace: It can happen if enough of us want it. 
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It Is a Matter of Imagination, Collective Human Will and Money.