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I Rest My Case
Reflections April 15, 2012jsc

   I believe in Love Incarnate as a gift from our Father and Mother in Heaven. I accept as truth the cosmic nature of Jesus as Incarnate, the Christ one of many anointed Beings come to us in the name of Love

   That believers of Love Incarnate debate the ethics of war and killing, when the answer is so obvious, tells us how far they are off the mark. Love teaches us that there are only two laws, two sides of one coin: love God and love your neighbor as yourself (> Ego Self). The vertical and the horizontal, the Cross, this is the prism through which all other law must be viewed. They who love one another as Love commands agree to love their enemies. He came (They come) that the law might be fulfilled with love. (> Mathew 5:17) And if we are not able to live up that highest and purest expression of love as lived by Jesus who by example became the sacrificed not the sacrificer; then let us in the Name of Love, agree that everyone gets their day in court. Surrendering to the rule of law universally applied is a message Jesus would approve. (Doctrine of Law)

   I am but an ignorant farmer who can barely write a correct sentence whatever the number of letters are after my name. I signify no disrespect to the ignorant by which I mean not knowing, for with beginners mind and higher consciousness we can see more clearly. 

   We forget how to learn by remembering that not knowing comes before knowing. The wise reject what they think and pay attention to what they see. (> See Reflection Transcript, Huang Po) I see a glimpse of what stirred St. Thomas Aquinas to spend the rest of his life in silent prayer, (Beatific Vision), to know better the beauty of Love. God is Love. 

   May it please a loving God that I have done what I can do to put to words to a blueprint whisperd to me by a loving voice. (Picasso Blue Guitarist ... the muse) A vision started coming to me long ago, at first a bluish face floating to my ear, her voice I could not hear till I got quiet in meditation. (Zen-Catholic > Who Is). I have come to know her as Mary, the Mary that Roman Catholics believe to be the Mother of Jesus and Queen of Heaven. (Assumption of Mary) It has become my practice to begin the Lord's prayer, "Our Father and Mother in Heaven", for Jesus through his catholic church tells us this is so. 

   The feminization of the God of Abraham by the Roman Catholic Church is a great piece of mythological story writing. (> Archetypes, Jung) That their are Catholics and particularly feminist Catholic women who see that God having made an earthly woman his Mother is giving them and the men who love them the key to ending patriarchy in Rome. In this way the Roman Church can help change the course of human history away from war and towards justice. A world of justice is a world of transformed patriarchy. Catastrophic war is on present course ... it is not to late for justice to reign supreme. 

    Embedded in the blue print of World of Nations is a plan to end the age of terrorism peacefully by way of justice, assuming we act in due course. How? By taking the next step in the development of global law: First came the League of Nations, then the United Nations, and next the World of Nations. Whatever this next step is called, the only question before 21st history is this: Does humanity have to go through World War III to get there? As of now it looks like we are on course go through world war three (> World War III)

   What do we want: Global justice for global crimes; local justice for local crimes. 

    Where to start: 
    First. Outlaw genocide. Killing innocent civilians anywhere will become a crime against all anywhere. If local law cannot stop the killing, very much like the UN Emergency Force (Falk> Nation Nov. 14, 2011), a global police force backed up by global special forces is given the authority to act. No different than local police getting the right to enter and stop a crime or arrest a suspected criminal. The first step to empowering a global court to ensure global law enforcement is a shared global intelligence. This kind of action will ensure the kind of tranquility referred to in the first line of Constitution of the United States of America. Just not just of one nation, but of all nations, states and peoples. Therein lies our collective security. 

   Second:  Outlaw terrorism as a method of war. 

   Third: Enforce Geneva Conventions against torture.

   Fourth: Out law Clitorectomy 

   Do these four things and humanity will be well on its way to peace under the rule of law. 

  What is revealed to me seems so clear a way forward. If we the citizens of our planet Earth want to retire the god of war, we can. I am either very crazy, or maybe not. Crazy or mystic or both, I have done what I have done. It is understood that those who believe in the god of war may not give up the ghost easily. (Doing Battle With War)

   This is the essence of the message She speaks to me on the matters of law and love: "My Son Fathered by Love told you, 'Love your enemies.'" The Father of my Son also commanded you, "Thou shalt not kill". That is the way of the world. True followers of Love walk to a higher, deeper, broader absolutely inclusive love. It is only a small step in the spirit of Jesus' message to understand why I believe He would preach the rule of law universally applied when asked what he thought of this idea on CNN. I can hear Him say: "If you want peace on earth as the angels sang upon My birth, you must work to learn to live together in peace. How? Universal Justice based in Love." 

   We who believe in Love, however that story is revealed across the breath of humanity, must work together to make the rule of law the order of the day for all humanity. This is the path to a global civilization at peace with itself. To not walk this path and we sin gravely against the commandment of Love. We have been told over and over again by those sent to us from beyond in the Name of Love, "Love neighbor as one you would yourself. " "Love God as Yourself". The message is clear; humanity has yet to comprehend. 

   A quality of this love is this: Love does not contradict itself. If we are to follow the path of Love we are commanded to love one another even onto loving our enemies. Our failure to do so has a lot to do with the mess humanity is in. We are barely over a decade into century 21 ... and by all account I see nothing to change the course set forth in World War III written in 2009. (Law of War)

   And, I am not with hope. There are movements beneath the surface that may make a huge difference ... the Arab Spring, its global extension here in the U.S. called Occupy Wall Street Movement. What is for sure is humanity's "progressive" path albeit is not a straight line; slaves are being freed even as that continues, woman standing up across the globe at great risk to life and limb, it only a matter of time till the Third Feminist Revolution. While not predictive of the future, but hopefully so, the kill percentage in war less now than a hundred years ago. All of this progress has been driven by democracy, one vote one person socialism in action and stated as well as any in the first line of the Constitution  of the United States of America. 

    And, there are powerful moneyed people in collusion with religious fundamentalist who very much believe in war, the oppression of men, and the repression of women. 

   What we see is this: as of 2011 the vectors of energies at play that drive the hateful psychic energy of war continue to strengthen. The path of war unabated, aided and abetted by extreme drought, extreme wet, extremes of all kinds in collusion with the extremes of uneven wealth and resource distribution will lead to casualties from starvation, disease, drowning and war, the count by some estimates several billion before all is said and done. The cries of the innocent an assault onto the heavens as great evils stir the caldron of hatred. We may not know what World War III will look like, but we get a picture of it, and it is beyond horrific ranging into catastrophic. 

   Some among us believe the best way to deal with population growth is to kill off the weak and start all over again. God help us.

   It is not yet too late to avoid the catastrophe ahead. How? By stepping up to the next order of global civilization before, not after World War III. The World of Nations. The concept is centered around a simple idea: Through dialogue in the name of the love to establish the rule of law we have a chance of avoiding the fates that await us. I pray the Pope will convene a Council to End the Age of Terrorism peacefully. Imagine all parties of all sides represented around the Altar of Love in the name of love they all profess to believe in making peace. Their God commands them to do so. 

   I rest my case, done my best, and as of this writing even with the pull of Eros still strong within, I am preparing for the monastery from whence I believe I came. 

   I will continue my reflections on the matter of war and law, but I have other work to attend to as well. Regarding World of Nations by 2020 I will be advisor. Others must carry the day, or not, let those who can see, see. It is a dream, but it can be reality. 

   It is time for me to complete my journey and join with brothers and sisters who have chosen to live monastically, supporting one another in a life centered on prayer. I know not what else to do. Within those sacred walls a time for prayer in chant that the story told to me by a woman whispering in my ear might come true. A world without war. I am only a scribe, I pray that one day that concept may have life. I pray that the blue print therein plays some part in ending the our age of terror, peacefully.

   My wife of 41 years died on September 18, 2011, the end of a long five year long journey through cancer land. She was wife, but more so, she was my soul mate and best friend and the toughest teacher of love I ever met. We have loved deeply for almost fifty years and we believe in reconnection on the other side in the Divinity of Love as God has revealed. 

   I can say as Jesus is my witness I pray have lived and done my mission for what feels like hundreds of years, having pulled together a blue print to save humanity from World War III, and loved a woman as deeply as I could ... as I vowed I would ... my time in the world is done. 

   Learning patience and humility has been the lesson of love in this portion of my time in the world. I wonder what lessons are next, as I am sure my teacher and abbot will tell. 

Post Note:
Jan Stephen James Cavanaugh will enter Mepkin Abbey (MepkinAbbey.org) on September 25, 2013  for a period of three months silence for discernment.  It is God's will as to whether he will be accepted as a postulant, the first step to being a vowed monk.  He believes patriarchy will be transformed when phallic consciousness, the dominator model of relationship is done. He willingly takes on the life of a eunuch, his belief in the requirement of this transformation so  deep. Only then will war be done. 

Post post Note: January 2014
JanStephen post Mepkin Abbey is living as a peace monk in the world. 
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